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Sustainability and the environment

Alte prestazioni per avere la massima efficienza energetica, schiume poliuretaniche senza  gas CFC, questa รจ la mia idea di rispetto per l'ambiente

High performance for maximum energy efficiency, CFC-free polyurethane foams, this is my idea of respect for the environment.

I was already thinking about the environment 40 years ago, not like we do today, but the aim was the same, which was present in all my companies and still remains: to reduce waste and exploit our resources.

When assembling water cooler boards, I used self-tapping instead of screws and bolts: less time and less material.

That has always been the spirit:

  • CFC- and HCFC-free refrigerants and polyurethane foams,
  • high performance insulation panels, with suitably dimensioned sections, depending on the type of product and the temperature to be reached.

All connections between panels are insulating against insulating, to avoid thermal bridges and have continuity of material; exactly as it is done today in construction, we have been doing it since 2006.